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Can DIY Dentures Look Natural?

Yes, sure.

As an affordable temporary denture solution, DIY dentures are mainly about aesthetics so we can laugh confidently in public. DIY dentures look more natural and beautiful depending on the following factors:

1. The Shade of The False Teeth

If you need to make partial dentures, then it is recommended that you directly choose the color that is closest to the real teeth around you so that it will be more consistent; if you have full dentures, also try to choose the natural color rather than pure white, because except for those who often do dental care such as cleaning, most people’s teeth are not pure white in color, so that you can avoid toothpaste commercial smile.

2. Gum Color

Everyone’s gum color varies, some differences are subtle and some are noticeable. However, many DIY dentures only offer a single color of gum material, which cannot meet the needs of different users. It would be very embarrassing if our gum color is not coordinated when we wear the DIY dentures we have worked so hard to make.
Dentureway provides two common colors of gum material, so users can choose the one closest to their situation to ensure that their smile looks more natural.

different gum color

3. False Teeth Size

The size of your false teeth is crucial, whether they are partial or full dentures. If the teeth are too large, they can look out of place with the whole. We have seen many examples of this, making an already awkward smile look even more awkward, like a horse.
When choosing a DIY denture kit, you need to be careful about the size of the teeth you choose, and you can also prioritize kits with 2-3 tooth sizes, which are not much more expensive, but the risk of choosing the wrong one is greatly reduced;
In addition to this, this situation is often seen in the program of veneers solution. Veneer are relatively simple, but they can easily look like piano keys.


Large false teeth like horse smile

4. Smooth Transition of Gum and False Teeth details

In DIY dentures, this requires the user to be relatively patient in fine-tuning the details, for example, allowing the gum material to have an excess from thick to thin, and the gum to have the right filling at the gap between the two dentures. All these can make your DIY dentures look more natural and beautiful.
By choosing Dentureway’s exclusive gum design, you can make the whole DIY process less difficult quickly, and you can spend more time and effort on fine-tuning these details to ensure that your DIY dentures look more natural.

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