DIY Dentures with Impression,DIY Denture Kit,DIY Your Dentures at Home (Deluxe Pack)

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Exclusive, user-friendly design DIY denture kit. Simpler, prettier, durable dentures that can be done at home by yourself. This is the deluxe package with 3 sets of false teeth, 4 pairs of gum,  3 pairs of putty, and 3 stone powder.

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DIY Denture Kit Deluxe Pack with Impression, Do-It-Yourself Denture Solution, DIY Partial Denture kit(not a medical device). If you don’t need a luxury configuration, you can choose the Standard Pack, which also includes everything for a better price!

***Product Highlights***
  •  Global unique Gum design, close to the real mouth shape, makes your handcrafting easier;
  • The only one among all DIY kits that provides a two-color Gum, closer to your real mouth color, making your handmade dentures more beautiful and natural;
  • Redundant configurations, on the one hand, to avoid choosing the wrong tray size or tooth specifications lead to production failure; at the same time, it also provides you with one more opportunity to practice operation in the most difficult step, so that your finished product is more beautiful and comfortable;
  • With higher softening temperature, you can even continue to wear the denture temporarily while drinking coffee;
  • Detailed video tutorials to help you better complete the production;
  • Effective after-sales service to protect your shopping experience.
***Shipping Policy***
  • 1~2 business days after placing an order;
  • 3-7 days delivery within the U.S;
  • Free shipping(limited time);
***DIY Steps***
  • Procedure 1: Making a plaster cast of your mouth
    Using the molding materials in the kit, a negative mold of the mouth is reproduced. A positive mold of the mouth is then made by plaster casting.
  • Process 2: Making the Gums
    The DIY denture kit contains 2 sets of different colored gum material, which is softened by soaking in boiling water for about 1 minute. Then make the gums on the plaster model.
  • Procedure 3: Selecting the right size false teeth for you
    There are 2 sets of fake teeth in the kit, medium and small sizes. Pick out the false teeth that fit your size. If you need to make a partial fake tooth, you can cut the wire to take out part of the false tooth for fabrication. The false teeth size can be adjusted by sanding.
  • Process 4: Bonding the false teeth to the gum material
    Combine the false teeth with the softened gum material and wait for the gum material to cool and solidify so that the false teeth are fixed. Alternatively, you can repeat the process of heating and softening the gum material to re-secure the dentures until you are satisfied with the fit.
  • Process 5: Fitting and Adjustment
    The process of diy dentures requires a lot of patience, our kit materials support repeated softening and adjustments, which requires you to keep trying on and adjusting, polishing, etc. If you are patient enough, then you will regain your confident smile.

We offer unique DIY-crafted denture kits with exclusive designs that are easy to use, exclusive multi-color materials, and detailed tutorials, making it easy to DIY your dentures at home and regain your confidence in your smile.

***Your order includes***

👍 The kit contains everything you need to make your own set of dentures, as well as complete instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

  • Full set of synthetic resin teeth. (3 sets each of standard and small sizes to fit most people, each set includes 28 teeth, top and bottom.)
  • Durable gum material. (4 pairs in light red and dark red, each set includes upper and lower)
  • Trays. (3 sizes of L, M, and S, each size includes upper and lower, suitable for everyone)
  • Molding materials.(3 pairs, each pair contains 1 blue and 1 white)
  • Stone powder. (3 bags)
  • Mixing bowl and mixing knife.
  • Sand boards. (2 pcs)
  • Measure cup.
  • Gloves
  • Instruction
  • Video tutorials
  • After-sales service
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